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Slots are by far the most popular gambling activity at the online casinos. They are not only fun to play, but they represent the motive behind gambling best - winning a lot with little wager. But what's even more fun is playing the casino slots for free, and yes, you can do that, too. Granted you will not win anything if you are just looking for a little fun in your spare time you can play free casino slots at any of the online casinos listed on the home page of this website. Those online casinos offer to their customer something called "play for fun", an option which allows you to play most of the casino games, including slots, for free. This was made to allow future customers to try out the casino software and see if they like the games, before the need for depositing real money arises. But you can take advantage of this offer to simply play free casino games.

 This is how it works - you simply download the online casino of your choice and instead of selecting "play for real money" you will select "play for fun". All you need to do to open a free casino account is a name and a valid email address, no other information should be necessary. One you do this, the casino will give you a couple of thousands of "fake dollars" to play almost all the casino games, including the free casino slots. Keep in mind that you will not be able to play the progressive jackpot slots with your free money. But everything else is within reach.

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