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If you are new to casino gambling, you are probably wondering about the different casino games offered, whether in land based or online casinos. It's actually very simple and this quick casino games guide will show you the basics. First, let's start with the two three different types of games at the casinos:

 The video gambling games: This is the easiest and the most popular type of casino games. It includes the video slots, the video poker and their variations. These are the easiest casino games to play, since each game shows you the winning combinations and the payout schedule, usually within one screen. To learn how to play a particular video gambling game, simply click on the "help" screen and it will teach you everything you need to know in a matter of a minute or two. The payouts schedule is just as easy - click on the "payout" screen and it will give you the summary of the winning symbols along with how much you'll get paid for each of the winning combinations. These games require zero skills and 100% luck, hence their popularity. And the popularity of these online casino games is what drives the software manufacturers to come out with new, better and more fun video gambling games. If this is the first time you play at a casino, we recommend you start with the video gambling games.

 The casino table games: This is a little more complicated, but just as entertaining. The table games you will find at any offline and online casino are blackjack, craps, baccarat and roulette. There are other niche casino games, such as PaiGow Poker and War, but not all casinos will offer these. But the first three casino games we listed are guaranteed to be present at any casino. These casino games will require a little more preparation, you will have to learn the basic rules and skill is an important factor in any of them. The casino table games, however, are the social games at a casino, thus once you have learned the rules and strategies you are bound to have a lot of fun.

 Other games: There are various games you will find at an online casino which could not be classified in any of the two categories above. One example is the board games, such as keno. Another example of a game you can find at most online casinos is "scratch cards". The scratch cards work the same as the lottery scratch games and could also be lots of fun.

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