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US players and online casino, that's a tricky one. Online gambling in the US has long been in the gray area of the law, although there are some states which do not allow online gambling to their members. In the late 2006 the Congress passed a law which forbid the banks and other financial institutions to send and receive money to and from online casinos and other gambling websites. This crippled the online casino industry, but there are still many online casinos which find ways to work around this law, how successful only time will tell. At the time of this article, the online casinos listed on our home page do not have any country restrictions, which means that they are US player online casino friendly. With time, however, this could change. The problem with an online casino and US players is that it's extremely difficult for the online casino to find ways and means for the players to deposit money at the gambling website. Credit cards and a few ewallets are al that is left as depositing options for US players at the online casinos and even those are not guaranteed to work at any given time. That's why you should look for online casino which has a high rate of successful deposits.
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